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10. Low cost of only $10 per year per household or business - what a deal!
9. Belong to a group of neighbors who want to keep a high quality of life in Anderson Mill
8. Convenient way to stay informed on important issues and merchant services
7. Participate in fun free social events all year long
6. Gain knowledge and insight by attending educational/informational seminars
5. Work cooperatively with other residents to preserve parks, open spaces, and sidewalks
4. Improve safety for people and property by participating in Neighborhood Watch
3. Advocate for neighborhood interests by representation at AMLD and the City of Austin
2. Share your experiences and learn from others by serving on committees and task forces
And the number 1 reason you should join AMNA today:
It is reassuring and enjoyable to get to know the folks who live around you!

Anderson Mill is named after Thomas Anderson. He moved from Virginia to Texas in the 1850s. In the 1860s he set up a mill here to make gunpowder for the Confederate Army. After the war Anderson converted the mill to a gristmill. He later also started a cotton gin. In 1884 the area had a population of 30. It had received a post office in 1876 but this office was discontinued in 1884. After Anderson's death in 1894 the community was abandoned. In 1936 a historical marker was placed to mark the spot. It was not until the late 20th century with the growth of the area as a suburb of Austin that Anderson Mill came back into existence.

AMNA Bylaws


Anderson Mill Neighborhood Association
PO Box 170594
Austin, TX 78717